Start Investing Now – I’ll Give You Your First $15

Abiding by the traditional Finance Punk lifestyle, I invest half my annual salary before my first paycheck hoping for thousands of dollars in annual gains without having to work for a penny of it.

But, I also save money everyday that goes directly into an investment account.

Here’s $15 [up to $160] to Invest from Finance Punk:

Robin Hood:

This is a stock trading app that will give you a free share of stock [worth up to $150] just for signing up with this link.

After you sign up and they verify your identity [don’t worry they don’t pull your credit or anything] you just need to click on add a bank account with the app and then it will create your account. You don’t even need to add a bank account if you don’t want to.

I would recommend adding a bank account though. This will enable you to sell your stock and withdraw for actual cash. You can also buy shares of stock if you would like but I would leave that to the experts…


This is a great investing app that I use everyday. They invest money for every purchase you make based on settings you choose.

So if you choose for it to invest by rounding up purchases to the next dollar amount then it will invest $0.23 on a $9.77 lunch purchase [for example].

My favorite part about this app is that they give you $10 for opening the account with this link and they invest your money for free if you have a .edu email address or for $1 a month if you aren’t a student.

Actually my favorite part about this app is they give you money through what they call “found money.” For certain stores [like] they invest a percentage of the sale directly into your account.

I’ve made a few hundred dollars with this app over the last couple years so I would highly recommend trying it out.

However, my real money comes from investing half my annual salary…


This is my favorite investing platform. It is completely managed and completely free. I have literally made thousands of dollars a year with this app.

They will manage up to $15,000 of your money for free if you signup with this link and they will put it into a diversified portfolio with a risk level of your chosing.

They also do things like “tax loss harvesting” which will keep you from having to pay high taxes on investment gains.

Whether you want to invest or not, start saving money.

The best financial advise anyone can give you is to save as much money as possible so you can retire as soon as possible and live the lifestyle you want.

Be like Finance Punk and kick start your investment accounts with these free apps and watch your money grow while you travel the world.

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