Second Easiest $225 I’ve Ever Made

My first post was about the easiest $250 I’ve ever made without leaving my house – this offer could be even easier.

Step 1: Use this direct link, and then click on “Apply Now for Simply Right Checking.”

Step 2: DO NOT select the “Full” overdraft protection, DO select “Partial” overdraft protection – this ensures Santander does not pull your credit

Step 3: Type in the promo code “WINTER225” and fund your account

  • Use a credit card that does not incur a cash advanced fee (a list can be found here)
  • Use another bank account for the initial deposit

Step 4: Set up a qualifying direct deposit of $500 or more within the first 90 days.

  • Since it is tax season, an easy way to meet this requirement is to have your tax return direct deposited into your new account.
  • Some ACH transfers from other banks count (a list can be found here)

Step 5: After your account has been open for 90 days, Santander will credit your $225 bonus.

Things I like about this account:

  • There are no fees if you have any, one transaction each month (direct deposit, transfer, use your debit card, withdraw money, anything once a month)
  • There are a lot of these banks all over the world. Meaning, you can use their ATMs with no fees when traveling abroad
  • If you like this site’s content and want to support us, use this Direct Link. You and I will both get $50.
    • Fill in the contact information to link your email address to the referral
    • Open the account the same way and enter the promo code “WINTER225” and receive the $225 bonus the same way as above.


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