Park Hyatt St. Kitts Vs. Four Seasons Nevis

It’s been a couple weeks since we got back from our trip to St. Kitts and Nevis. As we have come to completely accept the freezing cold, gloomy reality of winter in Montana again, I wanted to share our thoughts on the islands and brand new Park Hyatt St. Kitts resort.

Park Hyatt St. Kitts was incredible and barely short of perfect in my opinion. Since the resort just opened it was almost empty. I am not exaggerating. We were often the only ones at any of the pools (a giant infinity pool with synthetic beach and walking bridge for families and a very large, adults-only infinity pool split into 5 sections). We were almost always one of two groups on the beach. We were always the only couple in the pool at night and walking around the resort anytime after it got dark.

This type of privacy can’t be expected at full occupancy but there are only around 120 rooms on a very large piece of land so it should always be pretty private.

There are three restaurants at the resort and they were all very good. The prices were expensive but in line with other 5 star resorts.

There were two things we didn’t like about Park Hyatt St. Kitts and they both have to do with the beaches. The resorts beach needs some barriers put in to make the water less choppy (it was still great for swimming and everything but it was not like the beaches on Nevis where you could see down through crystal clear, calm water all the way to the ocean floor). Taking one of the complimentary kayaks over to the neighboring Ragae Beach you will find a lot more activity, cheaper drinks, calmer water, and (the complaint) littering. Lots of trash only 50 yards away from Park Hyatt makes for a less than spectacular experience to say the least.

Four Seasons Nevis¬†probably is not worth the $1k per night price tag but the island of Nevis is definitely worth a trip. We did not stay at Four Seasons Nevis so I can not speak completely accurately to the rooms but we did frequent the resort and utilized their beach so I will focus on those aspects. The beach is incredible, white sand and the water is perfectly calm and clear. However, the beach is crowded and doesn’t feel very relaxing compared to Park Hyatt St. Kitts and the views from the beach are far inferior to the views on St. Kitts. The pools, restaurants, and (from what I could see) the rooms at Four Seasons are quite old and could use some updating.

All that being said…

Nevis might be my new favorite place to vacation in the winter. There are incredible beaches on Nevis and they are almost always empty (we were there at the peak of the tourist season). They obviously have incredible seafood being an island but they also have incredible beef, chicken, pork, lamb, etc because they have a ton of farming (St. Kitts is similar in this and a lot of ways). The people are very laid back and friendly and it feels safe to walk around the island at all times. There are no predatory animals on the island so hiking in the jungle was must do.

St. Kitts


  • Airport access
  • More populated with more activities


  • Beaches are inferior to Nevis with more choppy water and littering
  • General vibe wasn’t as friendly as Nevis



  • Incredible beaches
  • Lots of dining options in close proximity to resorts
  • Friendly relaxed vibe


  • Most likely need to take a water taxi to get here from St. Kitts since the airport is small
  • Might be too quiet for those who want night life and excursions

Park Hyatt St. Kitts


  • Brand new
  • Private
  • Pools and lounging areas
  • Can be booked with points


  • Water at the beach was a little choppy and there are some rocks
  • Limited dining options close to the resort

Four Seasons Nevis


  • Incredible Beach
  • Lots of dining options within walking distance


  • Outdated
  • Crowded
  • Can not be booked with points (at $1k per night minimum, Park Hyatt St. Kitts is better)

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