$100,000 in Points Redemptions!

That’s right.

After the travel planned early next year Finance Punk will have reached $100,000 in value from rewards redemptions Рa pretty substantial chunk of change accumulated over three years.

The Real Questions:

Did you torch $100k on travel?!

No, I redeemed a fair amount for cash and ultimately investments.

How much did you redeem for cash and how much for travel?

Roughly $40k was cashed out, or awarded, in USD and the other $60K was redeemed on travel.

How could you spend $60K on travel in 3 years?!

This and this were a pretty substantial chunk of it. But, it is important to note that the majority of those redemptions were from hotel and airline points that do not really have any cash value.

I redeemed less than 500k points that could have been converted into around $5,000 which ends up being about $1,500 a year in travel expenses for $20,000 in experiences!

*I spent significantly more that $1,500/year on these vacations mostly on restaurants and bars.

So, you have $40,000 invested then, right?

No, unfortunately, I took a year off from work after college and then it took some time (and is still a work in progress) to get my spending habits under control.

What’s next?

I’ve learned a lot from three years of accumulating and redeeming rewards points so I’ve come up with some goals and some things to avoid as I continue.


  1. Reach 10 million points accumulated overall
    • I have about 4 million to go
  2. Save/invest $50,000 from rewards
  3. Travel for an entire year on points

Things to avoid:

  1. Overspending
    • I spend way too much on restaurants and bars and I spend too much on travel considering I should be traveling for free but it really goes back to I spend to much on restaurants and bars
  2. Redeeming points for travel when they have a decent value in cash
    • I have plenty of, and will continue to get plenty of, hotel and airline points so I need to use these exclusively for travel and cash out all other points
  3. Spending unnecessary time on this hobby
    • I don’t think I waste a huge amount of time but there are things that could be automated and there are things that could be thought about less

Good luck to me and I hope you enjoy following as I attempt to meet these lofty ambitions.

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